ESI Systems Neuroscience Conference 2024

Time in the brain: How does the brain encode and use time to make sense of and interact with the world?

General Information

We are happy to announce that the Ernst Strüngmann Institute Systems Neuroscience Conference (ESI SyNC) 2024 will take place in-person on September 26 and 27 at the Ernst Strüngmann Institute in Frankfurt, Germany.


…More information on the conference and the program is coming soon!


You can contact the organizing committee with any queries regarding the conference by sending an email to: esi-sync (at) or to the individual organizers.

Organizing Committee

Berfin Bastug | Nisa Cuevas | Giuliana Giorjiani | Matthias Grabenhorst | David Poeppel | Wolf Singer | Cordula Ullah | Renata Vajda

Past events

To ease the wait until our next Systems Neuroscience conference, we recommend taking a look at the talks from the last three ESI SyNCs on our ESI YouTube channel:

ESI SyNC 2023 - Linking hypotheses: where neuroscience, computation, and cognition meet
ESI SyNC 2022 - The ever changing brain: through development and evolution
ESI SyNC 2021 - The Natural Brain: understanding neuronal computation in its natural habitat

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